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[av_toggle title=’What programs does Sorbonne-Assas International Law School offer?’ tags=’1. PROGRAMS’ av_uid=’av-g0vo97q’ custom_id=”]
Sorbonne-Assas International law School offers an LL.M. Program in International Business law. This is a comprehensive range of modules relevant to international trade law, European law, business law, competition law, corporate governance, intellectual property and market regulation.
This LL.M. Program is appropriate for domestic, foreign attorneys, students and business professionals who seek a specialized degree in International Business law.

In Singapore, Sorbonne-Assas International law School also offers a Short Program in March and a Summer Course in July. Singapore campus also offers a « seminar on request » program during the whole year. You can choose, within the LL.M. seminars, to attend one, 2 or more seminars.

In Mauritius, a LLB program is also proposed.
[av_toggle title=’When can I apply to the LL.M. Program?’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ custom_id=” av_uid=’av-724686′]
Applications for LL.M. October intake are open until 13th September 2020 (for Paris and Singapore campuses) and until 6th October (for Mauritius campus).

For Dubai campus (Academic Year: January 2021 / December 2021), Applications for LL.M. start from: October 2020.

For French Bar students intake in January, applications are open until December 2020.
[av_toggle title=’Is there a deadline for applying to the LL.M.?’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-euv08jq’ custom_id=”]
We strongly recommend new applicants to apply as soon as possible since we close new application when the Program is full for the next session.
[av_toggle title=’How do I apply? (LL.M. Program)’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-ebqtaee’ custom_id=”]
The application form shall be downloaded and the application process shall be made here: https://vectum.u-paris2.fr/llm

Prospective students need to submit a completed online application form, transcripts (in English or French) of their first degree or any other relevant qualification, TOEFL or IELTS language test, and two letters of reference. As for the English certificates, candidates need a score of 7/9 for the IELTS, 90/120 for TOEFL and 800/990 for TOEIC.

Students who have not yet completed their degree may submit a transcript of marks achieved so far.

It is not mandatory for students to have achieved their first degree before applying as conditional offers can then be made pending their final marks.

Once the application process is done, applicants receive an automatic electronic message confirming that their application has been successfully made.
[av_toggle title=’How do I apply? (LL.B. Program)’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-e3t9so6′ custom_id=”]
Applications are made online. Candidates can apply once per academic year. Click on the following link to start your application: https://vectum.u-paris2.fr/llb. Please note that applications generally open in November. There is only one intake per year, and the academic year starts in late September or early October. Upon reception of your application, a decision will be made by the University’s admission committee within two weeks.

Should your application be successful, please note that you will have 3 weeks to proceed to a payment of a EUR 1,000 deposit in order to confirm your place on the program. Please refer to the Fees section of this FAQ for more information, or contact the admission office (info@unicitieducationhub.com).
[av_toggle title=’Which documents will I need to apply? (LL.B. Program)’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ custom_id=” av_uid=’av-1hsel52′]
You will need the following documents:

  • HSC / BAC / IB results (or equivalent) OR Mock results / 1st semester results of Upper 6 / Terminal / Form 7 (or equivalent)
  • Lower 6 / Classe de premiere / Form 6 results (or equivalent)
  • Motivation Letter, which should include:
    • the reasons why you wish to study Law;
    • you future aspirations,
    • extracurricular activities as well as
    • why you chose Paris 2 Pantheon-Assas University in Mauritius
  • One Reference Letter (can be Academic or Professional)
  • Candidates with more than 3 months work experience to provide their CV
  • A copy of your National Identity Card or Birth Certificate (Passport for International students)
  • Recent passport size photograph to attach to your file

[av_toggle title=’What are the admission requirements for applicants? ‘ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-dbgfyue’ custom_id=”]
Prospective students need to submit a completed online application form, transcripts (in English or French) of their first degree or any other relevant qualification, TOEFL or IELTS language test, and two letters of reference.

We have set 2 cumulative requirements for each candidate:

(i) Undergraduate law students (LLB, Master’s degree or a recognized equivalent law degree with at least 4 years of Law studies) can apply.

We also accept undergraduate students with a Master’s degree in other fields, such as Finance or management, if they can justify a substantial legal knowledge, upon a case-by-case-study of their academic background.

We also consider candidates holding alternative diplomas with 4 years of professional experience.

(ii) Proof of English language proficiency.

All candidates from countries where English is not the first language shall supply an English language test or equivalent result. English tests shall be less than two years old at the time of application. Candidates need a score of 7/9 for the IELTS, 90/120 for TOEFL and 800/990 for TOEIC.

Candidates are exempt from providing a language proficiency examination requirement if English is their native language or if they received a degree from a college or university where the language of instruction is English.
[av_toggle title=’What is the selection criteria? (LL.B. Program)’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-4lxvja’ custom_id=”]
Candidates will be selected based on more than academic performances. The selection process values a student’s personality, open-mindedness and inquisitive mind.
[av_toggle title=’Can I apply if I do not have a law degree?’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-cee1vxi’ custom_id=”]
Yes, non-law graduates with good honors may qualify, on a case-by-case study of their personal academic and professional background. For example, we have accepted students with a major in finance but with a significant professional experience in legal field and in consideration of their own merits (class rank, letters of reference).
[av_toggle title=’Can I apply with mock results (for ex. BAC Blanc)? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-bl6fy4m’ custom_id=”]
Yes. In that case, if you are accepted on the program, you will be granted a conditional offer. You will then have to submit your final secondary schools exam (HSC/A-Levels/Baccalaureate/International Baccalaureate) results as soon as you will have them to confirm the enrolment process.
[av_toggle title=’Is work experience required?’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-bavl1eu’ custom_id=”]
[av_toggle title=’Are there any standardized tests required (SAT etc.)? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-asu7jwm’ custom_id=”]
There are currently no standardized tests required to enter our programs. There are only minimum entry requirements and language requirements if English was not the primary language of teaching in your secondary education institution.
[av_toggle title=’Do you require the TOEFL, IELTS or any other language test? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-oi6c9y’ custom_id=”]
Students with the following qualifications are exempt from a language test certification:

  • Higher School Certificate (Cambridge International Examinations)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • General Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level (Cambridge International Examinations)
  • Advanced Placement

Students with other qualifications where English is the language of instruction may be requested to produce a letter from their school attesting that the language of instruction of the program they followed is English.

Students coming from non-English speaking systems are recommended to take one of the following language exams:

Qualification Level Required
IELTS 6.0 (with 5.5 in each component)
Pearson Test of English 51 (with 51 in all components)
TOEFL (Internet-Based Test) 72 (with at least 17 in listening & writing, 20 in speaking and 18 in reading)
TOEFL (revised Paper-delivered Test) 67

Other language tests might be considered, please contact the admissions office for more information.
[av_toggle title=’What is the application deadline? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-a1qe3eu’ custom_id=”]
MAURITIAN STUDENTS: Applications generally close is early September, given that most classes start in October. Please note that due to a limited amount of seats available per class, early applications are strongly recommended.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Applications for all international students generally close in late July asthe visa application process takes time. In the case where your final exams results are issued later than this, please contact our admission office (admission@unicitieducationhub.com).
[av_toggle title=’When will I know if I am enrolled in the LL.M. Program?’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-9isic9y’ custom_id=”]
The application process takes 2 weeks. The Deans of the two campuses are in charge of the selection and assessment of the applications. Within a maximum period of time of 2 weeks after receipt of the completed application form, the applicant is informed of the outcome of his application by receiving a letter of admission.
[av_toggle title=’What is the cost of the Program?’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-wtl8ee’ custom_id=”]
Course fees: €35,000
Application fee: €80

Course fees: €12,000
Application fee: €80

Course fees: €17,000
Application fee: €80
Compulsory University Admin fees: about €300
Possible 4 weeks exchange with Singapore campus

Course fees: €17,000
Application fee: €80
Possible 4 weeks exchange with Paris campus

FRENCH BAR STUDENTS (Singapore only)
Course fees: €15,000
Application fee: €80
Possible 4 weeks exchange with Paris campus

For all programs: the fees include the attendance to all the academic courses, seminars, lectures and Executive Education Programs sessions and required materials.
The fees do not include food, accommodation or other living expenses.

[av_toggle title=’What are your tuition fees? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-8nu5bba’ custom_id=”]
The tuition fees are 6,000€ for the 2019-2020 academic year. Administrative fees are approximately of 200€, and Campus Life fees about 130€.

Please note that there are also visa processing fees for international students. Kindly contact the admissions office for more information (info@unicitieducationhub.com).
[av_toggle title=’When shall I pay the tuition fees?’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-symnt2′ custom_id=”]
Selected applicants will be definitely enrolled after having paid the deposit (Euros 4,000) upon receipt of their letter of admission and after full payment of the remaining tuition fees (Euros 13,000) one month before the beginning of the year.
[av_toggle title=’Are there any scholarships or financial aides?’ tags=’2. APPLICATIONS TO THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-7nb32bq’ custom_id=”]
Unfortunately, Sorbonne-Assas International Law School cannot offer scholarships, but it is possible for foreign students willing to study in France to benefit from financial support through Campus France or local governmental funding support under certain conditions to be checked.
[av_toggle title=’When does the program begin?’ tags=’3. THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ custom_id=” av_uid=’av-1c0z5za’]
The LL.M. academic year starts in October (Mauritius, Paris and Singapore campuses), and in January (Dubai).

French Bar students have the possibility to join the LL.M. program in January 2021 of the following year, e.g. January 2020 for academic year 2020-2021.
[av_toggle title=’How many sessions a year and which period?’ tags=’3. THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-6pupap2′ custom_id=”]
Mauritius, Paris and Singapore campuses: there is only one session from October until the end of June. French Bar students have the possibility to join in January.

Dubai campus: there is only one session from January until the end of December.

Exams take place during this period of time. Each professor defines the type of exam for his course and its periodicity.

The graduation ceremony will take place at the end of June (Mauritius, Paris and Singapore), and at the end of December (Dubai).
[av_toggle title=’Are Housing provided by the University for foreign students?’ tags=’3. THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-628qvhi’ custom_id=”]
Unfortunately there are no housing facilities provided by the University. Students will be provided with a list of addresses which might be of help in looking for one.
[av_toggle title=’Where will the classes be held?’ tags=’3. THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-uj8zfq’ custom_id=”]
We have 4 campuses:

  • One campus is in Dubai located in the The Academy at DIFC LLC (Dubai International Financial Centre)
    Address of our Dubai campus: 14, The Gate Building,P.O. Box 74777, Dubai International Financial Centre – United Arab Emirates
  • The second campus is in Mauritius in Education campus.
    Address of our Mauritius campus: Medine Education Village, Royal Road, Pierrefonds, Mauritius.
  • The third campus is in Paris on the premises of the well-known and centrally located University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, nearby the Luxembourg garden («jardin du Luxembourg»).
    Address of our Paris campus: University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, 92, rue d’Assas, 75006 PARIS
  • The fourth campus is in Singapore, on the premises of the top tier management school INSEAD.
    Address of our Singapore campus: Sorbonne-Assas International Law School c/o INSEAD, 1 Ayer Rajah avenue, Singapore.

All campuses offer the same academic courses, all taught by professors from University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas, and seminars taught by legal practitioners in their dedicated fields of law. Besides, each campus welcomes also specific seminars held by legal specialists or managers operating locally in Asia or Europe and Africa

Courses are normally taught in seminar groups or through a combination of lectures and smaller number of classes.

Each candidate can choose the campus where he would like to follow the LL.M. Program.

Sorbonne-Assas International Law School offers the opportunity for each LL.M. student to benefit from an optional one-month exchange period between the Paris and Singapore campuses (usually in May).

Mrs Anais DOLADILLE who is in charge of the Singapore campus, and M. Adel CHABIR, based in Paris, will provide the students willing to enjoy the exchange period with all the needed support. This optional exchange of period does not imply any extra tuition fees.
[av_toggle title=’Who are the professors in the program?’ tags=’3. THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-59k6t1i’ custom_id=”]
All seminars are taught by professors from the University Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas for the four campuses.

The professors each have 10 hours of seminars and these will be followed by 10 hours given by legal practitioners from law firms and major companies.

Besides, we also welcome local lecturers on specific legal fields.

Since Sorbonne-Assas International Law School also offers an Executive Education program on specific legal topics, the LLM students follow these sessions.
[av_toggle title=’What is the language of courses?’ tags=’3. THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-4y1zjhi’ custom_id=”]
All the academic courses, seminars, lectures are given in English language, on all campuses.
[av_toggle title=’How many students were there in each campus this year? What were their nationalities and their background?’ tags=’3. THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-fp75t2′ custom_id=”]
The number of students for each campus is an average of twenty five students.

Over the last promotions of students, students came from the U.S.A., Singapore, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Russia, China, Greece, Poland, Turkey and France. Most of them were qualified or trainee lawyers, undergraduates law students or executives willing to enhance their legal knowledge in international business law fields. The diversity of our students is an extraordinary opportunity to study with a group of classmates from all over the world and be able to gain a unique insight in numerous legal fields.
[av_toggle title=’Can I become a lawyer in the UK if I’ve studied law in another country?’ tags=’3. THE LL.M. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-3uuan0m’ custom_id=”]
Overseas law degrees do not automatically give international students the ability to qualify as a UK solicitor or barrister. You will have to apply to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) if you want to be a solicitor, or the Bar Standards Board if you want to be a barrister, to gain a Certificate of Academic Standing.

This certificate will prove you are eligible to do a Graduate Diploma in Law, which takes one year full-time or up to 22 months part-time.
After that you can go on to the Bar Professional Training Course or Legal Practice Course as outlined above and gain practical training.
In some circumstances, your Certificate of Academic Standing may give you direct entry to these courses without having to complete a Graduate Diploma in Law.

Another route is to complete an LLM or postgraduate degree, followed by the GDL and LPC.
[av_toggle title=’Are tuition fees inclusive of accommodation? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-3d5s46e’ custom_id=”]
No, tuition fees do not include accommodation. Please contact the campus for more information on accommodation facilities (info@unicitieducationhub.com).
[av_toggle title=’Are tuition fees inclusive of exams costs? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-2syl9wm’ custom_id=”]
Yes, the tuitions fees include all exams costs.
[av_toggle title=’Are internships part of the program? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-2gy402u’ custom_id=”]
Internships are not a core requirement of this LL.B., however students are encouraged to gain internship experience during their holidays.
[av_toggle title=’Where are the professors and/or lecturers from? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ custom_id=”]
About 75% the LL.B. professors are from the Paris 2 Pantheon-Assas University campus in France, and 25% are Mauritian law practionners.
[av_toggle title=’Do you offer this program on a part-time basis? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-1fy0r6u’ custom_id=”]
No. This LL.B. is only offered on a full time basis.
[av_toggle title=’Will I be able to pursue a Master’s (or M1) in Université Paris II Pantheon-Assas in Paris? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-1aj7q1y’ custom_id=”]
Yes. Any graduate of the LL.B. program will be eligible to pursue his/her studies at Université Paris II, in France.
[av_toggle title=’Can I do a year abroad in France or in another campus? | LL.B. Program’ tags=’4. THE LL.B. PROGRAM’ av_uid=’av-lt2jie’ custom_id=”]
No. Because this LL.B. includes a combination of Civil, Common, International and Mauritian law, it is thus only offered in Mauritius. There is no LL.B. offered at Université Paris II Pantheon-Assas in Paris, only a Licence de Droit (civil law degree taught in French). An exchange program is thus not possible.


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